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21 November 2021

Welcome to our Sunday Next Gen Ministries page. 
NEXT GEN Ministries are continuing back ON-SITE, under current Level 1 restrictions. All sections for Journey and Reach are back every Friday with no need to register online. Kids Church and SML are also back on-site on Sundays. Find below the links for all the online Next-Gen content, including playlists and the latest videos. For more information please contact Keith on 0732598435.
Faith @ Home
Kids church is introducing a new program called Faith @ Home, where parents can build on the stories that the children got taught at Kids Church. Each week the Faith @ Home document will be uploaded to the website, as well as sent to a Whatsapp group. The document includes a memory verse, a summary of the story, the main teaching passage, as well as questions or topics to discuss with your children throughout the week following Kids Church. Please find this week’s Faith @ Home document below, as well as a QR code you can scan to join the Whatsapp group!   

SML Playlist


HBC 2021 Playlist

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Kids Church Playlist

Durbanville Baptist YouTube Channel

Here is the link to the Durbanville Baptist YouTube Channel:
Here you can find all our uploaded church services, Kids church videos, HBC videos and much more!

Reach DBC YouTube Channel:

Here is the link to the Reach DBC YouTube channel:
Here you can find all of our uploaded Reach and SML videos, as well as short 120 Gospel videos made during lockdown!

Faith @ Home


Parents! Welcome to our new section called Faith @ Home! 

This section is where you can find the Faith @ Home document for the week, which explains the story done at Kids Church and gives you the tools you need to develop your child’s understanding of the story throughout the week! You can scan the QR code below to join a Whatsapp group and have the document sent to you weekly, or just find the document on the website every week.
You will find a overview and main passage of the story done at Kids church, as well as follow up questions for you to ask, and a memory verse to teach your children during the week.