Sunday Kid’s Church




Boys: Zane Joynt (Grade 1-2) , Matthew Christy (Grade 3-4) and Andy Mizen (Grade 5-6)

Girls: Lopke Blaauw (Grade 1-2), Sonia Mizen (Grade 3-4) , Jo-Anne Greef ( Grade 5-6)

Tania Robb (Grade R)

At Kids Church we want to teach our children to: 


more about God through the teaching of his word in an age appropriate manner.  Using the stories in the bible from Genesis to Revelation we hope to illustrate to our children God’s Big Story and His plan for mankind. 
We would like to encourage our children to grow closer in their relationship with God.  To respond lovingly to God and to…


Him with all their hearts, souls and minds.

We believe that all of God’s children have been given a spiritual destiny and purpose in life.  They have been empowered to…


Him at home, at school, at church and within their communities.  We would like to sensitise them to the needs around them and to empower them to be effective instruments of God’s love and mercy.


Faith Skills…

are daily disciplines required for everyone to grow in their faith.  These are Skills/Habits that can be cultivated and mastered in order to grow closer to God and His purpose for our lives. 
Each week we will focus on one of these skills in an age appropriate manner and encourage and discuss practical ways in which we can improve and work at them.
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Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions reading our programmes, times,etc.

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Contact our Church office at:  

021 976 1308

Contact Zane Joynt (Kids Church Head) at

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At Kids Church we believe that each family should create an environment where children can learn more about God and what it means to be a true follower of Christ in word and deed. 

We would like to partner more intentionally with our families and better support and equip them to do so. 

Our activity sheets will now have also have a Faith at Home component. A discussion and activity section which will be handed directly to the parents at registration.  We would like to encourage all our families to work through this section as it will allow them to discuss the lessons taught at Kids Church in a more intimate and meaningful manner.

Togther we can accomplish more!