DBC Life Trust

What is the DBC Life Trust and what does it do?

The DBC Life Trust was created by Durbanville Baptist Church to Demonstrate the relevance of JESUS CHRIST in today’s society.  We noted our duel responsibility and privilege to share the love of Jesus Christ with people whilst at the same time addressing many of the social realities that they face every day.  It was with this in mind that the objects of the trust are as follows:

The principal object of the Trust is to create and administer a charitable Trust Fund for the purpose of:
  • Developing and sustaining both practical and spiritual work among those affected and infected by HIV/Aids, other terminal illnesses and those with other special needs.
  • Advancing sustainable development and spiritual ministry among the poor, unemployed and needy.
  • Development of communities through educational and health related programmes.
  • Providing humanitarian assistance and relief after a crisis.
The methods that will be employed in the objectives outlined will be varied. The following are examples of such methods: Financial assistance, developmental programmes, training, evangelism, partnerships, community projects, research, Bible based training and education, etc.
To download or to look at our trust deed click on the picture below:
Trust Details: DBC LIFE TRUST PBO No:930026524, Registration No. IT 5091/2007 Bank Account ABSA, Cheque Account No: 40-7030-4163, Branch: Tyger Manor
The DBC Life Trust’s accounts are audited every year and are open to scrutiny by donors wishing to know that their money has been spent on the stated project.

Support for Retired Pastors and Missionaries 

Supporting 36 retired pastors/missionaries
and or their spouses who are living with desperate or trying circumstances. 

DBC Life Trust 2020


If you would like to find out more about the three main projects of the trust then please take the opportunity to click on the picture.
Also represented in the newsletter are the trusts finances over the last number of years.  


Delft Homework Club

Helping financially with a Homework Club at the Bettaway Community Centre in Delft.
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The Barn & ABC Project

Click on the image to find out more.  The project’s intention is that of giving men and women opportunity to learning farming methods through ‘Farming God’s Way.’



If you are interested in supporting the trust or simply finding out more then please contact the Church office (021 976-1308)