Discover What is Next

As part of Durbanville Baptist Church there are three things that we ask of you. Three things we would like you to do. We call these the


and we believe they will help you decide what is next in your spiritual growth journey. Spiritual growth is a must for every Christ follower so here they are:
  • Take the Next Step
  • Join a Team
  • Invite a Friend: Invest and Invite


Take the Next Step

If you have been coming to services perhaps it is time for you to engage more fully in the life of the Church by taking the next step. This may be to join a Life Group (see our Life Group page) or it may be simply be an area of personal spiritual growth. Here are six statements that will help you assess whether you are growing spiritually:

Abiding in Christ: Am I growing closer to Jesus every day?
Living by God’s Word: Is the Bible important to me and am I intentional about letting it influence my relationships and life?
Praying in faith: Am I praying and stepping out in faith?
Building godly relationships: Am I building godly relationships learning daily what it means to love God and love others?
Witnessing to the world: Am I sharing the faith I have in Jesus through my conversation and my example?
Ministering to others: Am I a spiritual consumer or is my life reflecting the value of God using me to minister to others?

Join a Team

There are so many teams at Durbanville Baptist and we would like you to take the next step by joining one. Take a look at the page titled ‘Serve’ to get an idea of all the areas. We believe in the priesthood of all believers. Simply, this means that every person has gifts, talents and passion that can be used to serve God and serve others. Joining a team will not only get you operating within the unique design God has given you but you will also be fulfilling God’s purposes for your life. The various teams we have focus:

  • Internally – teams that minister at Durbanville Baptist
  • Externally – teams that reach out beyond the walls of Durbanville
If you are uncertain about what your spiritual gifts are and how you can serve in a team don’t hesitate to contact the Church office. We regularly run spiritual gift assessments and it would be good to have you as part of one.

Invite a Friend: Invest and Invite

The third ask we have for you is that you invite a friend, that you intentionally invest in the lives of others and then to take the bold step of inviting them to services. Our commitment to you is that we will work hard to make sure services are guest friendly whilst at the same time helping you to grow in your faith.