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God is the Only King


If you think back to when you were little, think about how you always had someone to look up to, someone that you thought was your hero. For some of you, it would have been your dad. He would have been your Knight in shining armour. For others, it would have been your mom, because in and amongst all the busyness, she would still make sure that your shoelaces were tied for school and that you were tucked into bed at night. It could be so many different people in your life. We all have heroes in our lives when we’re growing up.

But what is a real hero? Google defines a hero as someone who is admired for their courage or noble qualities; someone who is a conqueror or a victor.

If you listen to the words of the song “Only King Forever”, the chorus goes:

You are the only King forever

Almighty God we lift You higher

You are the only King forever

Forevermore, You are victorious

God is a conqueror. He is a victor. He defeated the enemy so that you and I could have freedom, and so that we would no longer be bound by the chains of sin. He set us free and gave us the opportunity to enter into a relationship with Him, a relationship of unending love and acceptance. He sent His son as the ultimate sacrifice and performed the perfect act of love by sending Jesus so that we could be saved.

I don’t know about you, but to me, THAT is a true hero.

Sure, we will all still have our childhood heroes, but God is the true and ultimate hero. He saved us from eternal separation from Him, and gave us everlasting life.

God is good, He is faithful and He loves His children.

Do we believe these words when we sing them? Do we truly lift up the name of Jesus, and do we truly believe that He is victorious and that He is King?

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